Anne de Colbert-Christophorov

Painter of Magic Realism


Born in the French Provence as the seventh of a ten children family, Anne has a tremendous culture of contact and hospitality.
From numerous travels to Europe, Africa and Asia, she brought back colorful images, peculiar characters, twisted landscapes and mysterious tales which infuse her works.
Mother of four, Grandmother of twelve, « Auntie » of 74, she has the greatest respect for life and diversity.
Anne has been distinguished with many awards. She lives in the center of Paris.



Magic Realism

Her poetic, cheerful and nostalgic painting is a swirl of colors that appeals to the heart and remains accessible. 

Lively and mysterious, her painting is infused with lyricism and poetry. It tells of the Provence where she was born, where nature holds a special place in lights and colors.

Anne’s  palette  is free, wandering after her imagination and her liberty - she clings on to the latter by all means.


Anne’s curiosity has led her to try many techniques to express her art :

Oil painting is her all-time favorite; she has also created watercolours, pastels, gouaches.

Beyond canvas she has painted on woods, walls, clocks. She has created tapestries, poems and sculptures.