Fellow artists and critics have written kind words about my work.


Dora Vallier

Anne, painter of Magic Realism

We might call it « magic realism » in the sense that each painting of Anne Christophorov aims to create an atmosphere, accomplished to its end, and it is this atmosphere that intrigues the eye, while her work emphasizes that painting lives when it is rooted in the depths of the human being, as Kandinsky wanted it.

Philippe Autié - Ambassador of France

Three recurrences inhabit her oil paintings, watercolors and tapestries:
the house, suggesting the presence of a humanity barely guessed; the tree that forms into a heaven; and the fish, showcase of the world below. 
The artist paints the feelings of these humans she does not display: anxiety as the joy of life.


Evgueni Klintcharov
Painter & Art Critic

This strange painting, somehow away from the traditional plastics principles a critical eye is used to, this particular approach which seems essential,  these dreams where everything is determined by the impulsive and pantheistic feelings of the artist and finally this « It is important to love » as Anne named one of her inspired paintings

Georges Darvill
Galerie Artcourt, Paris

When I first saw the works of Anne Christophorov, a door suddenly opened.
Anne takes us with her forcefully in her brilliant world of color and originality.She wanders sovereignly into a flaming imaginary world whose discovery is a delight and a revelation.


Marcel de Villemoisson
France Monde Culture

When the art lover contemplates the works of Anne Christophorov for the first time, immense is the surprise of discovering these assemblies of figurative and naive images, whose colors brighten her creations.Yet they are only the logic of her traditions, her style, her history.This unique painting of its kind goes straight to the heart.